Oak Barrel Half Marathon

Saturday, April 03, 2021 8:00AM

Town Square

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Lynchburg, TN


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Oak Barrel Half Marathon $85.00
Registration Full
Registration for 2021 filled in about 4.5 hours this year. We now have opened our charity slot registration. You can find the details or charity slots here: https://www.reg2run.com/index.php/event_details/264
Regular Registration
Regular Registration for Oak Barrel will open 11/15/2020 at 6AM
General Info
Our hope is to be in a situation that will allow us to conduct the 12th annual Oak Barrel Half in our 'normal' manner (normal start, full service water stations, ...). If, however, in April we are still dealing with precautions for COVID19 we will proceed with the changes that we put in place for the 2020 race. You can find those details in the 2020 Race Guide
What happens if?
The information here will tell you what the options are should you not be able to attend the regularly scheduled race. It also addresses what would happen if we were to have to reschedule due to COVID19 or some other issues.

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Oak Barrel Half Marathon

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