Oak Barrel Half Marathon - Charity Entries

Saturday, April 06, 2024 8:00AM

Town Square

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Lynchburg, TN


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The cost of a Oak Barrel charity entry is $140.
How it works
  • You will go through the same basic data entry just as all other participants.
  • You will not go through the credit card processing because you will be mailing a check.
  • Your check needs to be post marked within one week of you registering for the charity slot. (The check that you write will be made out to one of our benefiting charities (your choice of one of the three))
  • Once the check has been received you will get an email from our charity coordinator letting you know that the check has arrived.
  • You will be added to the official entry list for the 2024 Oak Barrel
How the payment is processed
You will mail (old fashioned snail mail) a check, which will be made out to one of our three charities.
You will select one of the following charities to write your check to- Benefiting Charities:
  • Moore County Resource Center - The mission for Moore County Resource Center is to provide low income families from Moore Count y and their children with the tools to begin a successful school year. A portion of that preparation for the successful school year is ensuring that each student has a backpack with all of the necessary school supplies, new shoes, toiletry items, and clothing. Moore Care also provides each student with access to medical, dental, and vision screening. The parents are given education on financial planning and stretching their food dollars.
  • Middle Tennessee Spay and Neuter Clinic - The goal of this nonprofit organization (which serves the middle Tennessee area) is to 1. help alleviate pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay/neuter services for dogs and cats belonging to qualifying pet owners and caretakers in the middle Tennessee area and 2. to provide and promote education for the humane care and treatment for all animals.
  • Moore County Friends of Animals - Moore County Tennessee does not have an county funded animal shelter. The Moore County Friends of Animals a local animal rescue.
Why mailing a check
We want all of the funds to go to the charities. It also makes sure that you understand that the very large entry fee that you are paying is really going to the charity and not just into the general race fund.
Why the race participant numbers are limited
The town is small, parking is limited, all of the traffic comes into town on a two lane road. With 1700 other participants trying to arrive in about a 1 hour period things can get difficult. We want this to be a pleasant experience for everyone – with too many participants, we put that at risk.

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Oak Barrel Half Marathon - Charity Slots

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